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Music Production Services



LUTN Features and Remixes

Ready to unleash your music's inner beast? Fuel your sonic fire with a Feature or Remix.  Studio or remote, we'll collaborate to craft a banger that explodes with your vision and EDM fury. Don't settle for an average remix. We'll transform your existing track into a dancefloor dominator, injecting it with pure sonic adrenaline. Pick your poison, from hybrid trap, to dubstep, to house, and witness your music reborn!


Ghost Writing

Dreaming of your own custom EDM masterpiece, ready to ignite dance floors and top charts? LUTN is your invisible studio partner, bringing your sonic vision to life through white-labeled ghostwriting. Whether you're an EDM producer seeking your next banger, a singer yearning for the perfect instrumental, or a rapper needing beats that blaze, we'll craft a track that seamlessly integrates into your sound.


Podcast Editing

Ensure your podcast shines with LUTNmusic's expert editing services. We'll eliminate unwanted noise, enhance audio quality, and add intros, outros, and music to create a polished and engaging listening experience.


Craft Your Sonic Masterpiece with LUTN

Want your music to ignite dance floors and climb the charts? LUTN is your one-stop studio for sonic magic:

1. Feature Fever: Let's Collaborate!

  • Unleash the synergy: Imagine your vocals soaring over our signature EDM grooves, or synths weaving through your melodies. We'll co-create a genre-bending masterpiece that fuses your vision with our expertise.

  • Shared ownership, shared glory: LUTN is not just a producer, we're co-creators. Your name shines alongside ours, sharing the spotlight and the success.

2. Remix Revolution: Your Track, Our Spin, Your Dancefloor Anthem

  • Reimagine, reinvigorate, ignite: We take your existing song and infuse it with the LUTN magic. Expect soaring synths, pulsating basslines, and infectious beats that will turn your track into a dancefloor dominator.

  • Signature sound, endless possibilities: From Dubstep to Trap, House to Jersey Club, we've got the sonic palette to transform your music into any EDM subgenre you desire.

  • Your vision, our expertise: Tell us your dream remix vibe, and we'll craft it. Want to keep the original vocals? No problem. Want us to add our own? We're game!

LUTN doesn't just produce, we polish. Our other services include:

  • Vocal production and mixing: Need your vocals to shine? We'll polish them to perfection.

  • Mastering magic: We'll ensure your track sounds polished and professional, ready to compete on any platform.

  • Podcast Editing: Say goodbye to distracting background noise, clicks, and pops. We'll clean up your audio for a smooth, professional sound. You focus on creating content, let us handle the editing.

Ready to Light Up Your Music? Contact LUTN Today!

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